Midterm Exam Semester 1

   1.      Haruka  : How are you doing, Naruto?
   Naruto   : Not bad. Thanks. And you? 
   Haruka  : ……
A.    I’m good, thank you
B.     Nice to see you
C.     My name is Linda
D.    Good bye
E.     Good morning

   2.      Sizuka : How are you?
   Nobita : Very well. Thanks.
   What is the intention of Sizuka’s expression?
A.    To ask how Nobita is
B.     To greet Nobita
C.     To say how she is
D.    To say goodbye
E.     To state how she is

   3.      Sakura    : Good morning, sir.
   Kakashi  : Good morning Sakura. Sit down. This is Mr. Tsubasa. He is one of the judges in the        
                     speech contest attended last week.
   Sakura    : Oh, I see. How do you do, Mr. Tsubasa?
   Tsubasa  :…., Sakura.
A.    How are you?
B.     Good morning
C.     How do you do?
D.    You’re welcome
E.     It’s all right

   4.      Sasuke : Hi. My name is Sasuke
         Kinal   : Hi. Sasuke. My name is Kinal
         What is Kinal’s intention?
A.    To introduce Sasuke
B.     To introduce herself
C.     To state how she is
D.    To how Sasuke is
E.     To greet Sasuke
    5.      What is your name?
A.    My name is Upin              C. Upin name is my    E. My hobby is Playing
B.     My is name Upin              D. I Upin

     6.      I live..... Jl. Mangga 7 No. 10 Perumnas 1 Tangerang
A. at                            B. on               C. in
D. of                            E. from

     7.      Where do you live?
A.    I go to school at seven o’clock    
B.     I live in Jakarta    
C.     I have one brother
D.    I live at Jakarta
E.     I live Jakarta

  1. How old are you?
A.    I live in Jakarta                 C. I am twelve years old         E. Nice to meet you
B.     My name is Mochi            D. I am fine

  1. Where are you from?
A.    I am fine thank you
B.     I come from Surabaya
C.     I am from Surabaya
D.    I am a student
E.     I am a single 
The following text is for question no 10-13
      Mr. Mochi is an English teacher at my school, Vocational High School 2 Tangerang. He comes from Bandung, but now he lives at JL. Sudirman No.10 Tangerang. He was born in Bandung in 1980 west Java. He drives to school everyday, it takes 30 minutes from his house to his school.
       Mr. Mochi has a beautiful wife, Mocha and three children, two sons and one daughter. Mrs. Mocha comes from Medan, she is a nurse, she works at Tangerang Hospital. She help the doctors and takes care the patient pantiently. Mrs. Mocha goes to work on foot because her house is not so far from the hospital where she works.
      Their sons Hiro and Tomtom study at the same school, Senior High School 8 Tangerang, they are handsome diligent smart student, no wonder if there are so many students like them. Meanwhile their daughter Timi goes to Junior High School 1 Tangerang. Now Timi in the third grade class, she also a smart diligent student, next year she will go to the same school as her brother.
     Every Sunday Mr. Mochi and his family always spend their holiday in Anyer. They play many games on the beach, they really enjoy the beauty of the beach there. They are nice and happy family.

    10.  What is the title of the text?
A.    Mochi’s family      B. Mrs. Mocha’s Family         C. Hiro’s Family
D.  Tomtom’s family  E. Mr. Mochi is an English Teacher

    11.  Where was Mr. Mochi born ? He was born in…
A.    JL. Sudirman No. 10      B. Medan           C. Tangerang
D. Bandung                          E. West Java

    12.  How old is Mr. Mochi now ? He is……. Years old
A.    30              B. 35               C.36                D. 38               E.40

    13.  What is Mrs. Mocha? She is a/an…
A.    English Teacher    B. Nurse          C. Doctor
D. Student                   E. Cilor worker

    14.  The father of my father is my........
            A. Uncle                      B. Cousin        C. Grand father
            D. Grandma                E. Nephew

 15. The sister of my mother is my......
            A. Aunt                       B. Uncle          C. Niece
            D. Daughter                E. Grand daughter

16. Mochi : What a big house!
      Timi :….
A.    You are welcome
B.     I’m sorry to hear that
C.     Thanks for your compliment
D.    Contratulations!
E.     Sumimasen
17. Naruto : I really like your curly hair.
      Boruto : Thank you. That’s a nice compliment.
      The underlined expression is expressing…..
A.    Thinking
B.     Congratulation
C.     Showing care
D.    Compliment
E.     Thanking

18. Shinchan :……
      Nobita     : Thank you. My mother designed and sewed it for me.
A.    What a nice necklace
B.     I like your new haircut
C.     That’s a beautiful dress you’re wearing
D.    What a big house
E.     What a beautiful room

19. Jane : I heard you got an accident last week..
      Ann : Thank you, Jane .
A.    Are you okay?
B.     Were you hospitalized?
C.     I’m so surprised
D.    I’m deeply sorry to hear that you’re hospitalized
E.     Well done!
20. Mr. Joe   ……. his employees to finish all annual reports in the end of this week.
A. Have                       C. Has                         E. Done
B. Had                         D. Have had

21. I have breakfast ……
      A. Every morning       B. Yesterday               C. Tomorrow
      D. Now                       E. Last night

22. Do you study English everyday?
A.    Yes I am                C. Yes you are            E. No we are
B.     Yes I do                 D. Yes we are
23. My father …. To work everyday.
      A. Talk            B. Gone           C. Goes           D. Walk           E. Went

24. We ..... drink milk every night.
      A. Didn’t        B. Wasn’t        C. Don’t          D. Hasn’t         E. Weren’t

25. I drive a car…….
      A. Last Year    B. Everyday    C. Yesterday   D. Last week   E. Now   

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