Tuesday, September 24, 2019


Read this following dialog and choose the correct answer!

Galih   :  Hello, Via.
Via      :  Hi, Galih. Nice to see you.
Galih   :  Nice to see you, too. How are you?
Via      :  Fine, thank you. And you?
Galih   :  I am very well, thanks.
Via      :  May I introduce my friends? This is Ayu, Zara and Riko.
Galih   :  How do you do everybody? Glad to meet you.
Ayu     :  How do you do Galih? Glad to meet you, too.
Galih   :  Are you all students?
Zara     :  Yes, we are.
Galih   :  I am sorry, friends. I have to go now.
Riko    :  Okay! Goodbye, Galih.
Galih   :  Good bye, everybody. See you next time.

1. "May I introduce my friends?" 
The expressions above to express....
a.  an introduction myself
b.  an introduction people
c.  a greeting
d.  a parting
e.  a congratulation

2. "How do you do, everybody?"
Everybody means ....
a.  Galih
b.  Riko
c.  Via, Ayu, Zara, and Riko
d.  Ayu, Zara, and Riko
e.  Via, Ayu, and Zara

3. If someone asks you "how do you do?", what do you answer to that expression?
a. How are you?
b. How do you do?
c. What is your name?
d. You're welcome
e. I am fine. Thank you.

4. Joko  : Sri, ...
    Sri     :  I am delighted to meet you.
    Santo:  I am delighted to meet you, too.
a. Santo is my friend
b. Santo wants to meet you
c. Don't you know Santo is my friend
d. Please introduce yourself
e. I would like you to meet my friend, Santo.

5. Dani: Ratih, this is  my sister, Dina.
    Ratih : Hi, nice to meet you.
    Dina : " ..... "
a. I am fine. Thank you.
b. I hope you nice
c. Thanks you for you
d. Nice to meet you, too
e. See you.

6. What is your expression to introduce yourself if you meet someone for the first time?
a. Ayu, this is Galih, my friend here 
b. Have you meet my friend. Via? 
c. Hello, may introduce my self
d. Hello, nice to meet you friend.
e. I must introduce myself

Complete the following conversations with the most appropriate words or phrases.
Irma : Excuse me, ... (7) Cahyo?
Cahyo :  Yes,  .... (8)
Irma :  ... (9)? I’m Irma. How do you do?
Cahyo: ... (10), Irma.

a. How are you ...
b. How do you do ...
c. I’d like to introduce myself. I’m ...
d. Are you ...
e. Have you met ...

a. that's right
b. nice to meet you
c. have we met?
d. how are you?
e. how have you been?

a. May I introduce a good friend of mine?
b. May I introduce myself?
c. Excuse me. Do you know my friend?
d. Have we met before?
e. What is your name?

a. I am fine. Thank you.
b. Very well. And you?
c. Nice to meet you.
d. How do you do?
e. How are things?

11. In spite of her friends’ complaints, he decided to live with ___ girl friend in Los Angeles.
a. him
b. her
c. his
d. our
e. us
12. If you to see my family next weekend, give ___ my best regards and don’t forget to bring the gifts.
a. us
b. them
c. its
d. it
e. we
13. I can’t understand ___ when they speak Spain. They seem weird. They should study more.
a. me
b. his
c. her
d. my
e. them
14. We can find the magazine in the library. is very complete. We can find various books there.
a. my
b. we
c. they
d. she
e. it
15. Nana felt worried about the children, so she asked ___ husband not to go abroad for the job.
a. his
b. her
c. their
d. its
e. him
16. We meet ___ friends at the mall yesterday.
a. our
b. your
c. its
d. it
e. me
17. I can’t find ___ pencil. Can I borrow ___ , Diana?
a. my, their
b. me, your
c. my, your
d. my, yours
e. yours, mine
18. Will you lend me your book? I will return tomorrow. I promise.
a. me
b. her
c. him
d. it
e. us
19. This building is so expensive for ___ . We can’t pay such a high rent. We need to think again.
a. them
b. her
c. us
d. it
e. him
20. I have so many plans. I am afraid that I can’t realize ___.
a. us
b. them
c. you
d. me
e. him
21. Dinda  : I heard you won the beauty contest last week Eka
       Eka     : Thank you so much, Dinda.
               A. I'm sorry to hear that
               B. Congratulations!
               C. Nice too meet you
               D. How do you do
               E. Please to see you

22. Eko    : What a big house!
      Rizky : ...........

              A. You are welcome
              B. I'm sorry to hear that
              C. Thanks for your compliment
              D. Congratulations!
              E. You're welcome

23. Boby   : Good morning, everybody....
      Linda  : Hi Bob. I am Linda.

              A. Thank you
              B. Congratulation, Linda
              C. Your hairstyle looks great
              D. Let me introduce myself. My name is Boby
              E. How are you

24. X : Hi. My name is Lili
      Y : Hi. Lili. I'am Riko. How do you do?

             A. Nice to meet you
             B. How do you do?
             C. I am fine thank you
             D. How are you?
             E. I'm good

25. A  : I really like your curly hair.
      B  : Thank you. That's a nice compliment.
    The underlined expression is expressing.....

            A. Thanking
            B. Congratulation
            C. Showing care
            D. Compliment
            E. Thanking

26. A  :.......
      B  : Thank you. My mother designed and sewed it for me.

            A. What a nice necklace
            B. I like your new haircut
            C. That's a beautiful dress you're wearing
            D. What a big house
            E. What a beautiful room

27. Mia  : Good afternoon. I'd like to introduce myself. My name is Mia
    Akil   : Good afternoon, Mia. My name is Akil. Nice to meet you
    Mia   : ....

            A. How do you do?
            B. Nice to meet you, too
            C. How about you?
            D. I am happy to hear that
            E. Congratulations!

28. Mail  : Why didn't you join the speaking club yesterday, Sinta.
    Sinta   : I had a bad cold yesterday.
    Mail    :......

             A. I'm happy to hear that
             B. I'm extremely sorry to hear that
             C. Congratulations!
             D. Thank you
             E. That's fantastic!

29. Jeki  : Billi, I got a scholarship to study abroad next year
      Billi : Woow...
             A. Thanks for your compliment
             B. I'm really sorry to hear that
             C. I'm pleased to meet you
             D. Congratulations, man! You deserve it
             E. Thank you very much

30. Ben  : Bob, I'd like to congratulate you on your success to join the students' exchange
      Bob  : That's very kind of you to say so.
      The underlined expression is expressing.....

            A. Introduction
            B. Congratulation
            C. Showing care
            D. Compliment
            E. Praise