Tuesday, August 20, 2019


Please choose the best answer!!!

1. Dinda  : I heard you won the beauty contest last week Eka
    Eka     : Thank you so much, Dinda.
               A. I'm sorry to hear that
               B. Congratulations!
               C. Nice too meet you
               D. How do you do
               E. Please to see you

2. Eko    : What a big house!
    Rizky : ...........

              A. You are welcome
              B. I'm sorry to hear that
              C. Thanks for your compliment
              D. Congratulations!
              E. You're welcome

3. Boby   : Good morning, everybody....
    Linda  : Hi Bob. I am Linda.

              A. Thank you
              B. Congratulation, Linda
              C. Your hairstyle looks great
              D. Let me introduce myself. My name is Boby
              E. How are you

4. X : Hi. My name is Lili
    Y : Hi. Lili. I'am Riko. How do you do?

             A. Nice to meet you
             B. How do you do?
             C. I am fine thank you
             D. How are you?
             E. I'm good

5. A  : I really like your curly hair.
    B  : Thank you. That's a nice compliment.
    The underlined expression is expressing.....

            A. Thanking
            B. Congratulation
            C. Showing care
            D. Compliment
            E. Thanking

6. A  :.......
    B  : Thank you. My mother designed and sewed it for me.

            A. What a nice necklace
            B. I like your new haircut
            C. That's a beautiful dress you're wearing
            D. What a big house
            E. What a beautiful room

7. Mia  : Good afternoon. I'd like to introduce myself. My name is Mia
    Akil  : Good afternoon, Mia. My name is Akil. Nice to meet you
    Mia  :....

            A. How do you do?
            B. Nice to meet you, too
            C. How about you?
            D. I am happy to hear that
            E. Congratulations!

8. Mail  : Why didn't you join the speaking club yesterday, Sinta.
    Sinta  : I had a bad cold yesterday.
    Mail  :......

             A. I'm happy to hear that
             B. I'm extremely sorry to hear that
             C. Congratulations!
             D. Thank you
             E. That's fantastic!

9. Jeki  : Billi, I got a scholarship to study abroad next year
    Billi : Woow...
             A. Thanks for your compliment
             B. I'm really sorry to hear that
             C. I'm pleased to meet you
             D. Congratulations, man! You deserve it
             E. Thank you very much

10. Ben  : Bob, I'd like to congratulate you on your success to join the students' exchange program.
      Bob  : That's very kind of you to say so.
      The underlined expression is expressing.....

            A. Introduction
            B. Congratulation
            C. Showing care
            D. Compliment
            E. Praise

11. We should teach our children to depend on.....
             A. Theirselves
             B. Themselves
             C. Ourself
             D. Ourselves
             E. We

12. Bandung, the capital city of West Java, is famous for..... food.

             A. Their
             B. His
             C. Her
             D. Its
             E. Me

13. I think this is.........

            A. Your
            B. Your's
            C. Yours
            D. Yours bag
            E. Its

14. ................... are very crucial. We need to find the solution soon

           A. That matter
           B. This matter
           C. Those matter
           D. Those matters

15. Many factories have recycled..... wastes.

           A. it's
           B. its
           C. their
           D. his
           E. you

16. When water ever flows from the river,...... can cause the flood.

          A. They
          B. It
          C. You
          D. We
          E. Can

17. My son, Rahmat, always does.... homework at home.

          A. He
          B. Him
          C. His
          D. Himself
          E. You

18. Mr. Edi has an office,........own office is in Kuningan

        A. Her
        B. His
        C. Our
        D. My
        E. I

19. One of the cats is licking......own tail.

      A. His
      B. Her
      C. Its
      D. Their
      E. Hot

20. Look at those cars!....... luxurious.

    A. He is
    B. She is
    C. We are
    D. They are
    E. It is