Thursday, December 21, 2017

How to Make Research Proposal in University

For the first, I would like to say thank you for my reader, and don't forget to follow my blog. Now, I would like to post my article about Research Proposal in University, but you need to know about me, because I am not researcher, I just share my experience when I became a student in University, Okay! let's start. 

Step one

You must hard think 'What is your research and what is the title'. I think in the step one is very important, why? because all of the proposal will be start from here.   

Step two 

After you have an idea, you must write a background of the research. In the background don't forget to write a source which is suitable with your research 

Step three

You must search what is the problem and after you find the problem, you can write part of the problem. That time in my research proposal, I took about Speaking. Why I took English speaking, because in school many students still can not speak, especially in English. And part of problem like this. 

1. The sample still can not speak
2. The sample still lack of vocabulary 
3. The sample still lack of grammar 
4. and etc.




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