Monday, August 14, 2017

Contoh Pidato Bahasa Inggris - HOW TO IMPROVE OUR ENGLISH

Assalamu’alaikum Wr Wb,
The Excellency Mr. Al Haj  Drs. Dedi Kurniadi, M.Pd as the principal of Vocational High School 2 Tangerang
The honorable Teachers of Vocational High School 2 Tangerang
Respected Master of Ceremony,
Ladies and Gentlemen and all of my beloved friends.
First of all,  let’s praise our God All SWT, the lord of  the universe, Him only do we worship and Him only do we ask for help.  Peace be upon our prophet Muhammad SAW, the last messenger of Allah who has brought us from the darkness into the lightness, who has shown us the right way of  Islam, so we can live happily on the earth and hereafter.
          I don’t forget to convey my thanks to the MC who has given me  this opportunity to speak before the audience.  Well, to shorten the time allow me here to speak about:” HOW TO IMPROVE OUR ENGLISH?”
          English is an international language spoken by almost millions of people all over the world. Some of them are the native speakers like the people of  United States,  Canada,  Australia and Britain. And some others use it as their second language, such as Indonesia, Malaysia, Brunei and many others.
          In our country Indonesia, English has been taught since junior high school-even from elementary school-up to universities.  All students should study it so that they may be able to communicate with other people from other countries in this language. English is badly needed by everyone. but the problem is that many of them can’t study it successfully, they fail to study it.
          How to improve our English?  It is a very simple question, but the answer may be very difficult.  Here are some points that you can try to do if you really want to be the master of English.
           First; read as much as possible  any reading materials,  books,  magazines or newspapers. you can’t only rely on your English text book at school, that’snot enough, you need something more to improve your vocabulary, to deepen your understanding and to get in touch with the English ideas.
            Second; try to speak  English with anyone you suppose to be good at English , whether your English teachers or your classmates. if you meet on your way with a foreigner do not be afraid to converse with him/her.  Be sure you can understand him and he can understand you.
           Third: watch the TV or listen to the radio programs  broadcasted in English. This will not only sharpen your listening but also your speaking ability as well. of course, you can do this in your leisure time. 
                   Fourth; write something in English. You can start by writing a simple diary about your daily activities. You can also write letters to some pen pals in other countries sharing your experience with them.  However these are only the theories; everything is up to you. Will you improve your English or not ?

          Finaly,  hopefully what I have conveyed will be useful for you all to improve your English.
          Well I think that’s all from me, I would like to stop my speech. if you find some mistakes, I just beg your pardon and thank you very much for your attention and see you later.


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