Monday, August 28, 2017


Tulislah jawabannya di kolom komentar dengan format sebagai berikut:
Untuk siswa dilarang copy paste, karena bakal ketawan, terima kasih.

1. In spite of her friends’ complaints, he decided to live with ___ girl friend in Los Angeles.
a. him
b. her
c. his
d. our
e. us
2. If you to see my family next weekend, give ___ my best regards and don’t forget to bring the gifts.
a. us
b. them
c. its
d. it
e. we
3. I can’t understand ___ when they speak Spain. They seem weird. They should study more.
a. me
b. his
c. her
d. my
e. them
4. We can find the magazine in the library. is very complete. We can find various books there.
a. my
b. we
c. they
d. she
e. it
5. Nana felt worried about the children, so she asked ___ husband not to go abroad for the job.
a. his
b. her
c. their
d. its
e. him
6. We meet ___ friends at the mall yesterday.
a. our
b. your
c. its
d. it
e. me
7. I can’t find ___ pencil. Can I borrow ___ , Diana?
a. my, their
b. me, your
c. my, your
d. my, yours
e. yours, mine
8. Will you lend me your book? I will return tomorrow. I promise.
a. me
b. her
c. him
d. it
e. us
9. This building is so expensive for ___ . We can’t pay such a high rent. We need to think again.
a. them
b. her
c. us
d. it
e. him
10. I have so many plans. I am afraid that I can’t realize ___.
a. us
b. them
c. you
d. me
e. him
11. He should control ___ words so that he wouldn’t say something bad.
a. her
b. his
c. their
d. our
e. you
12. I need help to finish ___ work. I am so busy these days. I am not feeling well now.
a. my
b. me
c. their
d. mine
e. them
13. I don’t know how to say it to ___ that I love him. It is so difficult to say. Any idea?
a. it
b. him
c. his
d. its
e. their
14. Despite ___ young age, she is very brave to fight the robbers.
a. him
b. his
c. her
d. their
e. us
15. They ate many foods at my birthday party. I feel happy that like what I cooked.
a. them
b. they
c. me
d. I
e. she
16. I forgot to prepare for teaching this morning. Last night was sick.
a. I
b. she
c. he
d. it
e. you
17. am in front of your house now. Go downstairs and see me now.
a. I
b. She
c. He
d. You
e. We
18. I can’t read the map. Would help me, please?
a. you
b. he
c. me
d. my
e. your
19. My brother is invited to their wedding party. are our friends.
a. their
b. they
c. them
d. I
e. We
20. What’s wrong with? You look pale. Are you sick?

a. she
b. her
c. his
d. you
e. us

Thursday, August 24, 2017


Sering kali harus menyapa siswa yang pada pertemuan sebelumnya tidak masuk karena sakit ataupun alasan lainnya. 

Kita sering menanyakan kesehatan siswa apakah kondisi mereka sudah baik?

Dalam postingan kali ini, saya akan membagi cara menyapa siswa tentang kesehatannya menggunakan bahasa Inggris, perlu digaris bawahi, apa yang saya posting ini salah satu contoh saja, mungkin anda punya cara lain untuk menanyakan kesehatan siswa dalam bahasa Inggris.

Dan, berikut beberapa contoh ekspresi penting:

1. Are you feeling better today, Aghnia?
    Apakah kamu merasa lebih baik hari ini, Aghnia?

2. Do you feel better today ?
    Apakah kamu merasa lebih baik hari ini?

3. Are you better now ?
    Apakah kamu sudah baikan sekarang?

4. Have you been ill?
    Apakah kamu sakit selama ini?

5. What is the matter with you ?
    Kamu sakit apa?

6. How are you today, Mochi?
    Getting better?
   Bagaimana keadaanmu Mochi?
   Apakah lebih baikkan

7. I hope all of you are feeling fine today?
   Saya berharap kalian semua merasa sehat hari ini

8. I hope you've recovered from your fever, Sinta
   Saya berharap kamu sudah sembuh dari demam mu, Sinta

9. How are you feeling today, Fina?
   Hope you get better
   Bagaimana keadaan mu , Fina
   Saya berharap, kamu semakin baikkan

Wednesday, August 23, 2017


Dalam mengajar, kita dituntut harus bisa membuat siswa merasa nyaman dalam metode pengajaran kita sebagai guru. Adahal kecil namun sangat berarti dalam membangun keceriaan siswa ketika pertama kali masuk ke dalam kelas, yaitu Sapa atau dalam bahasa Inggrisnya greetings, nah dibawah ini adalah beberapa contoh ekspresi yang saya lakukan ketika di dalam kelas. Semoga bermanfaat. 

Beberapa Ekspresi Penting:

1. Good afternoon, everybody = Selamat Sore semua.

2. Good morning, boys and girls = Selamat Pagi anak anak semua.

3. Good evening, children = Selamat malam anak anak.

4. Good morning kids = Selamat pagi anak anak.

5. Hello  everyone = Hallo semua. 

6. How are you today = Bagaimana kabar kalian.

7. I hope you are all felling well = Saya berharap kalian semua baik baik saja.

8. How's life = Bagaimana kabarnya.

10. How are things with you = Bagaimana keadaan kalian.

11. How are you getting on = Bagaimana kabar kalian. 

Tuesday, August 22, 2017


Kabar gembira bagi para pencari kerja khususnya wilayah Provinsi Banten, karena dalam waktu dekat ini akan ada Job Matching besar-besaran yang bekerjasama dengan dinas ketenagakerjaan setempat dengan SMK se-Provinsi Banten. Acara ini akan diselenggarakan pertama kali di SMK Negeri 2 Kota Tangerang selama beberapa hari kedepan, setelah itu akan bergilir ke SMK-SMK yang ada di Banten. 

Ada banyak perusahaan yang akan berpartisipasi dalam acara ini, terutama perusahaan yang bertempat di wilayah Provinsi Banten, namun tidak menutup kemungkinan perusahaan yang berada di JABODETABEK pun ikut serta dalam acara ini. 

So, pantau terus web ini, agar informasi bisa selalu terupdate. 

Monday, August 14, 2017

Contoh Pidato Bahasa Inggris Tentang R.A Kartini “Gender Is Not Obstacle for Role In All Sector”

Assalamu’alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh... 

The honoroble: the juries, the teachers, the participants of English Speech Contest, and all audiences.
            First of all, let’s praise our God (Allah SWT). The Lord of the universe. Him only do we worship and Him only do we ask for help. Peace be upon our prophet Muhammad SAW who has brought us from the darkness into the lightness. So, we can live happily on the earth and hereafter.
I don’t forget to convoy my thanks to all the juries and protocol who have given me time to speak in front of you and all audiences. Today, in this good opportunity, I would like to give speech about “Gender Is Not Obstacle for Role In All Sector
Gender equality is very important for our life. Through gender equality, women and men can contribute in several sectors such as  education, politic, and other sector. In essentials, gender equality is fair for men and women to get opportunity in role and be responsible in any sector
However, discrimination of gender still happen until now in all life aspect. Still many people who have not felt gender equality in law sector, education sector, etc. So, women who the most bear load. Many women who have been reated hard or not far.
In Indonesia, the struggle for repairing women’s destiny have appeared since Dutch colonialism  which pioneered by R.A Kartini. Right now It’s called  emancipation. The purpose of emancipation is struggling Indonesian women which at that time, women did not have access to education, employment and others. But, now we have to continue her struggle with always be the best try in all sector without thinking the gender problem.
Human being was born for walking lives with her/his ability. And, women and men have the same right to do the best in all sector. So guys, don’t ever think that YOU CANNOT do what you want to do, only because the gender problem.
Well I think that’s all from me, I want to stop my speech. I hope this speech will be useful for us . If you find some mistakes, I just beg your pardon. Thanks a lot for your attention and see you, guys.
Wassalamu’alaikum wr. wb.

Contoh Pidato Bahasa Inggris - HOW TO IMPROVE OUR ENGLISH

Assalamu’alaikum Wr Wb,
The Excellency Mr. Al Haj  Drs. Dedi Kurniadi, M.Pd as the principal of Vocational High School 2 Tangerang
The honorable Teachers of Vocational High School 2 Tangerang
Respected Master of Ceremony,
Ladies and Gentlemen and all of my beloved friends.
First of all,  let’s praise our God All SWT, the lord of  the universe, Him only do we worship and Him only do we ask for help.  Peace be upon our prophet Muhammad SAW, the last messenger of Allah who has brought us from the darkness into the lightness, who has shown us the right way of  Islam, so we can live happily on the earth and hereafter.
          I don’t forget to convey my thanks to the MC who has given me  this opportunity to speak before the audience.  Well, to shorten the time allow me here to speak about:” HOW TO IMPROVE OUR ENGLISH?”
          English is an international language spoken by almost millions of people all over the world. Some of them are the native speakers like the people of  United States,  Canada,  Australia and Britain. And some others use it as their second language, such as Indonesia, Malaysia, Brunei and many others.
          In our country Indonesia, English has been taught since junior high school-even from elementary school-up to universities.  All students should study it so that they may be able to communicate with other people from other countries in this language. English is badly needed by everyone. but the problem is that many of them can’t study it successfully, they fail to study it.
          How to improve our English?  It is a very simple question, but the answer may be very difficult.  Here are some points that you can try to do if you really want to be the master of English.
           First; read as much as possible  any reading materials,  books,  magazines or newspapers. you can’t only rely on your English text book at school, that’snot enough, you need something more to improve your vocabulary, to deepen your understanding and to get in touch with the English ideas.
            Second; try to speak  English with anyone you suppose to be good at English , whether your English teachers or your classmates. if you meet on your way with a foreigner do not be afraid to converse with him/her.  Be sure you can understand him and he can understand you.
           Third: watch the TV or listen to the radio programs  broadcasted in English. This will not only sharpen your listening but also your speaking ability as well. of course, you can do this in your leisure time. 
                   Fourth; write something in English. You can start by writing a simple diary about your daily activities. You can also write letters to some pen pals in other countries sharing your experience with them.  However these are only the theories; everything is up to you. Will you improve your English or not ?

          Finaly,  hopefully what I have conveyed will be useful for you all to improve your English.
          Well I think that’s all from me, I would like to stop my speech. if you find some mistakes, I just beg your pardon and thank you very much for your attention and see you later.


Wednesday, August 2, 2017


Silakan kirim tugas bahasa Inggris sesuai dengan yang ada di buku di halaman 4. Dan tulis di kolom komentar dengan format :

Name :

Class :

Title :.......................................