Saturday, June 24, 2017


Let's continue practicing simple questions in the present. In this lesson you'll ask simple questions using:
What do you?

When do you?

Why do you?

Listen to these examples of simple questions that use "Do you."
What do you have to buy?

Whadya hafta buy?

When do you have to be there?

Whendya hafta be there?

Why do you have to fix the roof?

Whydya hafta fix the roof?

"What do you" changes to "whadya."

Whadya   Whadya hafta buy?

"When do you" changes to "whendya."

Whendya  Whendya hafta be there?

"Why do you" changes to "whydya."

Whydya    Whydya hafta fix the roof?

Whadya hafta buy?

Whendya hafta buy it?

Whydya hafta buy one?

Now read it quickly.
Whadya wanna buy?

Whadya wanna get?

Whendya wanna go riding?

Whendya hafta mow the lawn?

Whydya want raspberries?

Whydya hafta fix the roof?

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